Shoe Box Project

If you would like to participate, please fill a shoe box with small gifts that can help comfort the children while we continue to search for their “forever” families. For more information and/or to schedule a pickup or delivery, please contact Nikki Meeks at 404-657-4451 (Office), 404-579-4500 (Cell) or via email at

stuffed animal* ball markers

book bubble bath dictionary

puzzle lotion thesaurus

socks scented soap puzzle books

mittens trading cards fast food coupons

dolls slinky hair clips

cars jacks magic tricks

phone card deck of cards flashcards

postage stamps blunt scissors comic book

stationery glue stickers

yo yo glitter travel game

frisbee manicure kit single use camera

construction paper jump rope picture frame

coloring books dominoes pick up sticks

ruler shower gel play dough

pencil sharpener costume jewelry model

toothbrush baseball cards rubber stamps/ink pad

legos bath mittens pencils

silly putty marbles magnetic travel games

craft kits magnifying glass kaleidoscope

crayons paddle ball highlighters

colored pencils hair brush sticker book

mirror hair bows tweezers

trucks emery board nail brush

trains nail clippers erasers

action figures bath brush note pads

tea set    

* We would love to include a stuffed animal in every box.

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